The five key management theory/principle milestones

Assignment Instructions

Assignment Title: The five key management theory/principle milestones over time.
Based on your readings and research, develop a timeline of five key management theory/principle milestones over time. Please address the following questions for each of the milestones you elect to include on your timeline:


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•Why was this milestone significant for the period of time it was created? What was going on in the world of work that allowed the environment to know the time was right for this particular milestone?

•Which theorist “fathered” the principle? What were the signs of the time which led the theorist to develop the management concept?

•What are the highlights and limitations of the theory/principle?


Management, from an implementation or functional perspective, refers to the process that involves preparation, organization, resourcing, guiding and controlling different activities with the purpose of achieving desired goals. It basically is a mechanism of problem-solving. The concepts of management theory have evolved into the present theories in practice that are applied in modern days. From ancient civilizations, management has been a cornerstone of progress for mankind.  The classical management theories that are in practice today emerged around the start of the twentieth century. They include scientific management, which mainly aims at matching tasks and people for the purpose of maximizing efficiency. They also include administrative management which mainly focuses on identifying the systems and principles of management that will lead to the creation of the most competent management and organization systems. Behavioral management theories, which were developed both before and after WW II, focuses on how management ought to lead and control their…


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