Just as organizations develop strategy, individuals do too.

When considering strategy and creating intended strategy, think about why you are doing what you do. The YouTube video at the link below is interesting in understanding how to answer the question of “why?”


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Discuss Intended Strategy and Realized Strategy as it relates to your life or your career.


In my life, I have the goal of pleasing my superiors as I continue working towards achieving the most out of my career. The best strategy that I incorporate to see to this is ensuring that I communicate fluently with them. I believe that if I can articulate my ideas to these superiors and do so in time, I can avoid obstacles that would deter me from achieving my goals. Whenever I have an issue, I try my best to resolve it on my own. However, I have come to learn that every challenge is a learning opportunity and consequently ask my superiors for assistance when necessary.

Working as a team is an efficient means through which a person can achieve their goals (Noe et al., 2017). When I work with groups, I have the ability to identify various ideas that they have and by sharing their ideas, I learn more information relating to my work. I take it upon myself to form groups in my workplace where I advise fellow workers on the advantages that come from this. Fellow employees have commended me for my initiative owing to how they have improved their work. In order to ensure that the strategies I put in place are working, I always review my performance at the end of every period. Through comprehension of weaknesses related to a strategy, a person can incorporate mitigation steps to ensure that a problem is offset (Thompson, Strickland & Gamble, 2015). I believe…


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