Reassessment and Adjustment

Read the material at the sites listed in the Week 6 Lessons folder to help guide your reassessment and adjustment of the solutions, risks and impact to your client in relation to the management problem you are exploring. Complete 1 or more page paper indicating if you are making any adjustments or modifications to your solutions based on your reassessment. If you are making modifications, be specific what solution/s you need to modify.



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Organizations need to reassess their contemporary operations to explore the method in which activities should run. Reassessing is a crucial aspect of the performance of individuals as well as the organization. The main aim of conducting risk reassessments is to evaluate the performance problems experienced by workers and to seek for performance opportunities needed by workers. Organizational performance may decline for reasons of neglect by the management or lagging factors of the administration. Changes made in the overall organization are not entirely manageable by the administration and may need adjustments. Therefore, it is up to the organization to focus on the crucial demands that may affect the overall organizational performance (McGoldric & Tobey, 2016). Organizational xxx are made to xxx the xxx performance, efficiency and xxx with its clients, xxx and investors. Any xxx made need a strategic xxx to create a xxx to accomplishing the organization’s purpose. In this xxx, structural xxx, operational and xxx changes were xxx to be crucial to elevate the organization’s performance. However, a reassessment needs to be conducted to establish the actual level of performance of the organization and its employees in comparison to standards which have been established (Kaufman & Guerra-Lopez, 2013). The xxx employee’s xxx and their xxxto the changes xxx need to be determined to assess whether their performance has improved or adjustments are required. This xxx evaluating the xxx, knowledge xxx abilities of the employees. The xxx analysis is compared to the xxx of the organization, such as improved client relationship, enhanced


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