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After reading this week’s material, answer the following questions in the Forum:

– What are ways a LPO can assist in integrating a culture of integrity and safety in the store?


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A loss prevention officer (LPO) facilitates the security and protection of the retail business by curbing vandalism and theft. Therefore, he or she adds value to the retail chain store by building a culture of safety and integrity. For successful retail businesses, retail stores ought to create atmospheres of integrity. Such are made distinct by ethical and honest customers and employees¬†(Trafford & Watts, 2014). Just as the customers expect to deal with stores that build ethical and honest relationships, so does the stores expect their customers to be morally upright. Therefore, a LPO…

– Why is it important for a retailer to have a culture of integrity?

It is important for a retailer to have a culture of integrity because the practice helps in enhancing the organizational reputation and promote profitability. A culture of integrity strengthens corporate loyalty and ethical behaviors. It also fosters corporate pride, teamwork, and consensus. A culture of integrity


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