Implementing Cohen’s Essential Principles

Implementing Cohen’s Essential Principles

The provision of quality care relies on how well a healthcare facility is equipped with trained and skilled personnel. Even though a registered nurse can undertake many general medical duties, there are clear cut roles that can be performed by a specialized nursing practitioner (Dillon et al., 2016). So, what happens when a facility does not have such specialists? The case study presented herein paints a clear picture of what it means to have a rigid leadership that does not embrace employee autonomy. On the other hand, however, it shows that there will always be returns for an RN who despite the frustrations, is ready to go the extra mile to gain more skills and possess a vision to transform the place of work. The three nurses have shown that nursing professionals should be ready to transform their ideas into reality even when the work environment does not at times favor them.


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Vision to Implement

According to Cohen, the developed vision can be professionally or personally motivated. The vision to be developed must also follow aspects such as emanate from a need. It also has to keep things simple by avoiding controversy, provide alternatives, and consider successful outcomes for all participants. My vision will thus be formulated to reflect the fundamentals presented by Cohen.

Explanation of the Vision and Principles Used

For a long time, evidence-based practice has shown that hospital-acquired infections can be reduced by close to 40% through a hand washing culture.  Our facility has witnessed a worrying trend of increased cases of hospital-acquired infections. Unfortunately, the hospital management has not been ready to embrace the full use of hand disinfection practices especially in sensitive areas such as the ICU (Dunne et al., 2018). I have on many occasions requested the management to put handwashing disinfectants at all areas for both staff and visitors. Furthermore, they have to make it mandatory for all staff to wash hands. I will as well petition the department of sanitation in the ministry of health to have all medical facilities comply with this directive. The derivation of this vision has emanated from the need to reduce deaths that come as a result of HAI. Since Cohen’s principle dictates that nursing visions must emanate from an existing need, I believe my vision falls within this very principle.


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