History of Diversity in the Workplace

Research the history of diversity in the workplace and answer the following questions:

How has it evolved over the past five decades?


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The general workplace in most organizations has significantly changed in the past decades. The continuous development of technology and the significant upsurge of information in the contemporary periods has experienced substantial transformations in the recent years. Roberson, Ryan, and Ragins (2017) distinguish that diversity in the workplace was acknowledged during the 1960s following the enactment of equal employment and career and political modifications led to the development of civil rights legislation. These laws were initially based on safeguarding categories of race, gender, and was, however, a little focus on disabilities, age, and religion, which are currently being focused on most organizations. Later in the 1980s, organizations got accustomed to diversifying their workplaces. It was in the late 1980s that most companies hired more a large share of the new employees into the workforce, and both the illegal and legal immigrants represented a large share of the workforce population in nations like America…
What moved it to the forefront of modern business’ priorities? Cite examples.

Organizations began to evaluate diversity in terms of productivity, public image, market share, and even retention. Diversity developments were extended significantly due to flexible programs, dress requirements, emergency care, and phased retirements. Organizations also started to apply diversity outside the workforce content, predominantly to their consumers. For instance, an increase in the population of minorities in most nations has significantly led to the increased growth of their purchasing power…

Identify 3 diverse organizations. Provide a brief description of the organization and discuss how they are harnessing the power of diversity.

In the contemporary business environment, some of the most diverse companies include Microsoft Corporation…


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