Epidemiologic surveillance is used in public and global health.

Epidemiologic surveillance is used in public and global health. For this Assignment, begin by locating a recent article about an outbreak of an infectious or communicable disease. The article can come from a newspaper or other source but your paper must be supported with at least three scholarly sources of evidence in the literature which may include your text or course readings.

For this Assignment, review the following:


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AWE Checklist (Level 4000)
Walden paper template (no abstract or running head required)
The Week 3 Assignment Rubric
By Day 7 of Week 3
Write a 4-page paper that includes the following:

A summary of the article, including the title and author
Identify the title of the article with in-text citation and corresponding reference in reference list
The relationship among causal agents, susceptible persons, and environmental factors (epidemiological triangle)
The role of the nurse in addressing the outbreak
Possible health promotion/health protection strategies that could have been implemented by nurses to mitigate the outbreak


The article titled “Can ‘Mono’ Virus up odds for 7 other diseases” was published on 16th April 2018 by Alan Mozes at Health daily which is a special program run by the World Report U.S News. The article raises a concern about the increasing number of American youths who live in discomfort and fatigue due to Mononucleosis xxx is focused on worries that Mononucleosis infection may be responsible for causing other seven immune-system diseases which are characterized as serious human infection.  However, it has not been certainly established whether these claims are true.   The article states that these immune-system diseases include; type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple xxxx  article notes that Mononucleosis infection is a contagious disease that is more prevalent among teens and young adults and it is caused by the most common human virus known as Epstein-Barr (Mozes, 2018). Actually, the Epstein-Barr is known to infect more than ninety percent of the adults and its infections last for a lifetime. Dr. John Harley in a stamen as quoted by the author notes that ‘tests from the laboratory are building strong evidence that correlates this virus with the cause of several autoimmune diseases in particular patients (Mozes, 2018). In fact, the associated infection is said to have affected an estimated eight million of the American citizens. However, the article depicts that infection of Epstein-Bar infection should not cause an alarm because, in the modern lifestyle, an estimated 99 percent of people have been infected with the virus while only 0.1 are infected with lupus (Mozes, 2018). The article quotes genetic analysis which has established a cellular…


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