Weighing the evidence

When conducting original research, the final step researchers must complete is weighing the evidence and interpreting the meanings of their data, statistics, and analyses. This is the culmination of the research process in which all of the research methods and designs can be synthesized into a meaningful conclusion. In this stage, researchers should formulate explanations for what their data indicates, determine whether the data answers their initial research question, identify areas of uncertainty, and consider directions for further research.

In this Discussion, you focus on one of the research articles that you identified for Part 2 of the Course Project (Literature Review). You then explore the process of how the researchers generated conclusions based on their data, consider other possible interpretations of their data, and formulate ideas for further research.


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The main purpose of a research is to either disapprove or prove the hypothesis. To do this, researchers collect data, analyze it and draw meaningful conclusions. In this case, scientists xxx to organize their data properly in order to xxx them to easily understand the results. In fact, most research xxx statistical-aided tools such as graphs, pie charts, and statistical computations xxx as mode, median and mean to analyze and make meaningful conclusions (Brown, 2014). Before making the conclusion, data analyzed is compared to the original hypothesis to identify if it was right.  The article chosen for xxx, in this case, is that of Yealy et al. 2014 “A randomized xxx care for early septic shock”.  The article includes a wide range of data from 31 emergency subdivisions in the United States. This includes 1351 patients out of 1341 which was selected using random sampling technique and placed in x xxx of study. Reasoning techniques are greatly used in research to align the study findings with the given hypothesis. According to Brown (2014), reasoning refers to the process of using the existing knowledge to construct explanations, make


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