Capstone Project Argumentative Essay in Healthcare Management

• The final paper should be 15 – 20 pages in length, not including title page, table of contents, and bibliography. The body of the report requires a minimum of 4000 words.
• The final paper should follow APA basic format including standard rules for manuscript preparation.
• The paper must have at least 7 sources that are cited according to APA guidelines including proper in-text citations and a reference List.
• The paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to use clear and concise writing at the college level.
• The paper should demonstrate interdisciplinary knowledge through academic writing using integrated methods, theories, paradigms and/or concepts. | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |
• Paper should be written in objective voice in third person point of view.
• The paper should reflect learning gained through the courses throughout the student’s bachelor-level academic career. It should address a topic that affects or is related to the student’s areas of study. Ideally, it should explore a convergence of the areas you have studied.
• The paper is argumentative. Be sure to choose a topic which you can argue, or which you can take a firm stand. Although research is an important part of this project, it is not simply an informational paper, it should present your view of the subject.


• Note Please Add A Small rebutal Section to the paper………….
• Note Please avoid statements as in conclusion or in summary. The first sentence of the conclusion is often rephrasing the initial thesis statement. Don’t simply summarize, recap main points from the essay. You may want to include a quote, link a discussion to a broader, different, or more current context. Look at real world ramifications and implications of the argument presented and where there might be room for future research.
• The paper should only have an introduction, body, and conclusion and of course the reference page. In the introduction state topic and give brief overview of key points and background of issue, the thesis statement should be the last sentence of the introduction. As to the body start a new paragraph when beginning a new point. Use supporting elements from thesis as a guide, divide into an appropriate number of sub points. Paragraph structure as follows topic sentence, transition phrase, source support, adequate depth of ideas
• NOTE we can only use 7 references………………
• The paper MUST BE 80% original writing in 3rd person voice and ONLY 20% FROM REFERENCES ……………This is a must and is very important
• Any questions text me at 305-951-0032


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