BUS 445 Total Quality Management

Voice of the Customer

In the “Understanding the Voice of the Customer at LaRosa’s Pizzerias” case study found in your textbook, LaRosa’s Pizzerias implemented the Voice of the Customer process to its restaurants design to address customer needs and expectations and ultimately allowed the restaurant chain to gain significant market share.


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Answer the following:

  • Develop a customer satisfaction survey of eight questions. The questions must be relevant to the case study that the project team would use to solicit appropriate responses on the restaurant design concept from current and potential customers both inside and outside the restaurant’s current market area. Explain your rationale for each question selected.
  • For each of these survey questions, identify a critical to quality (CTQ) performance characteristic for each of the survey questions and discuss why they are important to customer satisfaction.
  • Examine the customer profile (age, lifestyle, etc.) that the restaurant is targeting based on the customer requirements that LaRosa’s has identified and considered as the design concept the restaurant has adopted.


Stating the purpose of a customer survey forms the first step for any business or organization (Chen & Elston, 2013). For this research paper, I discovered that the restaurant has of late attracted an increase of customers of American descent as opposed to past years. Probably this could be attributed to improved customer satisfaction. This informs that probably the customer survey helps the restaurant attract more customers. This survey will help gauge the perception that customers have on the restaurant and what needs to be improved.


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