Best Investigative Practices & Alarm Systems

After reading this week’s material, answer the following question in the Forum:

– Highlight the best investigative practices.


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In retail loss prevention, the responsibility of developing loss investigative strategies is held by the stores’ management. However, some stores opt to outsource this responsibility by hiring outside consultants to help them in developing these strategies. Therefore, these strategies are important in gathering loss evidence…

– Describe what makes them so effective.

Internal investigations comprise of honesty and service tests. Honesty testing helps to detect theft, fraud, deception, and any other ill behavior by employees. Service testing, on the other hand, assesses the employees’ demeanor on issues such as personal appearance, customer service, courtesy…

– Differentiate different alarm systems and their purposes

Alarm systems are crucial to the safety of retail stores and other business. They are equipped to signal alarms and monitor activities taking place within and outside the stores…


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