– Discuss which factors should be considered when hiring a new LP officer.

After reading this week’s material, answer the following question in the Forum:

– Discuss which factors should be considered when hiring a new LP officer.


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Dishonorable shoppers and unscrupulous employees, in the United States, account for approximately $7.5 billion in retail theft losses each year (Kajalo & Lindblom, 2011). Therefore, a majority of major retailers hire loss prevention (LP) officers/specialists to combat theft by both the employees and shoplifters. These specialists provide security for the retail stores, apprehend swindling employees, and prevent merchandise loss from potential shoplifters (Sennewald & Christman, 2011). However, to guarantee…

– Why are these factors important?

One of the factors is experience and technical skills. An LP officer should have a loss prevention or security background, including a track record on loss prevention or security (Hayes, 2007). Other factors associated with experience include excellent IT, communication, observation, and investigative skills, including exhibit physical fitness. With excellent investigative skills, an LP officer will be able to stage stings and investigations on shoppers and employees suspected to have…


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