External Theft and Organized Crime

After reading this week’s material, answer the following questions in the Forum:

– What is an aware employee?


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One significant component of preventing retail loss from external theft is the gaining of support of employees in the organization’s strategy of loss prevention. Management gains employees’ support through employee’s awareness. The organization’s administration should be able to create a knowledgeable workforce, which can understand, comply and execute the loss prevention strategy …

– How does an aware employee affect loss prevention?

An aware employee is one who understands the consequences of external theft to themselves and the company as a whole. Aware employees are more likely to be motivated to do whatever is in their power to prevent external theft. Employees xxx are xxx of what is xxx on the xxx floor can be a significant asset towards external theft prevention (Talglobal.com, 2017). Shoplifters do not like attention. Employees xxx, therefore, xxx exemplary xxx service xxx have…


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