ASSIGNMENT HELP | You are the chairperson of the School of Nursing Grievance Committee.

You are the chairperson of the School of Nursing Grievance Committee. On Monday morning, you receive an e-mail from Susie Student, who wants to file a grievance. She has been expelled from the nursing program due to plagiarism. You ask Susie to come to your office to discuss the potential grievance. During the meeting, Susie tells you English is not her native language and she is 50 years old and has always been an A student.

What are two questions you and the grievance committee would ask Susie regarding plagiarism, and what is the rationale for these questions?


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What are two questions you would ask the faculty member, and what is the rationale for these questions?


Ethical and Legal Issues

Academic integrity, which defines the moral code in the world of academia, is essential in any educational process. Academic institutions world over requires their students to avoid cheating and plagiarism. While exam cheating may be straight forward and not so common, most students often contravene plagiarism-related policies either knowingly or unknowingly. Instances of plagiarism include failing to cite the source of paraphrased or directly quoted work, copying and pasting other people’s information, or self-plagiarism, which often happens in academic publications. The consequences of cheating and plagiarism are often severe, which calls for students to be cautious of every step of their academic journey. This task looks at a disciplinary case of a student expelled for engaging in plagiarism.

Two Questions We Will Ask Susie Regarding Plagiarism

Many questions can help Susie understand why she was expelled from the nursing program. The first question that she will be asked is whether she understands the college policies regarding plagiarism. The response to this question will help inform the committee about whether she read, understood, and signed to the policies; hence, she has to abide by them. The second question is whether she has raised concerns with faculty regarding adhering to plagiarism policies, especially in-line with her age and lack of English understanding (Carter, Hussey & Forehand, 2019). This question helps inform whether Susie has ever sought help regarding her language or age and measures she has previously taken to comply with plagiarism policies.

Questions to The Faculty Member and Their Rationale

The first question to the faculty member is whether there are other penalties other than expulsion. The reason for such a question is to help redefine the policies and find out whether there are chances for Susie to be kept on the program. The second question is whether the faculty member has been aware of Susie’s concerns and how..


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