ASSIGNMENT HELP | For this assignment, consider that you are the healthcare manager at First Life Community Hospital.

For this assignment, consider that you are the healthcare manager at First Life Community Hospital. Over the past year, occupancy has been low because of competition from hospitals offering services that are more efficient and innovative in nature. How would you compete with this new competition? What impact would low occupancy have on staff and morale? If negatively, how would you address it?

After analysis of financial losses for the last year, it has been identified that numerous patients were transferred to other facilities due to lack of capabilities to deal with complex issues. How would you ensure that complex cases are kept inside of the HCO? How does keeping complex cases within the facility impact length of stay? What is the financial impact of reversing the current situation?


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Answer the above questions in a two-page response. You must use at least your textbook as an outside resource. Additionally, include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and referenced according to APA guidelines.



Due to internal and external pressures, the healthcare industry currently faces increased competition than ever before. Healthcare providers are competing to deliver high-quality services by strengthening hospital capabilities, process efficiency, patient outcomes, and innovation (Dafny & Lee, 2016). This paper seeks to identify ways in which the First Life Community Hospital can eliminate the competition by increasing and maintaining occupancy rates.

One way of beating the competition is by utilizing both physician assistants (PA) and nursing practitioners (NP) efficiently. The presence of the PAs and NPs helps in minimizing provider costs, increasing throughput, sharing the patient load, and improving patient satisfaction | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is another way of eliminating competition as it provides services to long-distant patients, reduces costs, meets changing consumer demands, and supports the continuation of care. The other way is to formulate a patient-centered strategy that improves customer experiences through effective communication. Also, documenting patient information accurately, and use of scribes to enhance bedside attention. Finally, seeking strategic collaborations from the local community will help generate more patient access points and maximize the efficient utilization of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | as financial benefits can improve morale, other non-financial motivators could also affect staff morale (Yew et al., 2018). Individual career development and personal growth are some employee | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | will express satisfaction in their jobs if they feel that their work is essential and have a chance to grow and develop their careers (Yew et al., 2018). Low occupancy implies weak organizational profitability, which threatens the workers’ job security and, therefore, can reduce their morale. To address instances of low staff morale, the hospital should work towards promoting a positive…


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