ASSIGNMENT HELP | Write a brief description of the two articles that you selected, including strategic planning strategies for innovation and virtual environments.

Write a brief description of the two articles that you selected, including strategic planning strategies for innovation and virtual environments. Explain how you might apply these strategies to effect positive social change.

Reference- please use the article attached and pick one article to discuss strategies for planning in virtual environments.


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Organizations should endeavor to create a culture that encourages innovation; this helps businesses to thrive even when facing the ever-changing business world. In the recent trends when businesses were forced to take their operations online due to COVID -19 pandemic, there has been an increasing adoption of virtual operation. Also, the increasing virtual environments help businesses in sharing information and ideas. Therefore, for the business to remain relevant both in the present and future, they should not ignore the implications of innovation and …

According to the journal article on strategic innovation, the business needs to understand the competitive dynamics and the role of strategy innovation in enhancing business | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the positive social changes, it is vital to know that the competitive battles are determined by the conditions of the structures in the industry | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the potential of the industries and what can be earned from them is crucial since it helps to maximize the benefits of the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and innovation are used in assessing the sectors that will be profitable based on the current situation and the correct positioning in a given sector | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the community resources in the most profitable way for the benefit of the larger | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | use innovative strategies towards implementing change management through encouraging the right behavior pattern and enhancing new capabilities and competency in the management of the social…

The article “New trends on strategic planning: virtual environment, tech innovation, globalization and organization performance” focuses on the strategies used in strategic planning in the virtual environment. I will use the information from this article to enhance strategic planning in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | complex and dynamic global | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | management in the diverse social context, new innovative methods such as virtual environments are used to monitor and manage people and stakeholders working in different physical locations | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | planning of the virtual teams offers a new look to management through enhancing coordination, collaboration…   


Baden‐Fuller, C. (1995). Strategic innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and matching outside‐in to inside‐out approaches to strategy research 1. British Journal of Management6, S3-S16. http://10.1111/j.1467-8551.1995.tb00134.x

Zomorrodian, A. (2017). New trends on strategic planning: Virtual environment, tech innovation, globalization & organizational performance. Tech Innovation, Globalization & Organizational Performance (March 4, 2017).


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