ASSIGNMENT HELP | A Persuasive Speech is a speech that makes an argument around a claim. 

A Persuasive Speech is a speech that makes an argument around a claim.  For this assignment, you will make a major claim of Fact, Value, or Policy.  The speaker takes a position on the subject matter or issue that the speech pushes forward and seeks to convince the audience.  You will make and sustain a valid argument. 

You have learned the tools necessary for communicating efficiently and delivering an effective public speech.  The most important skill that I am looking for is your ability to develop and support an argument while hooking the audience.  Successful arguments are easy to follow and make some sort of logical sense to the audience.  They are also passionate.  They move the audience to action or thought.  Logic (logos) gives your argument direction and Emotion (pathos) gives them power.  Your speech should affect your audience in some way.  The content and subject matter of your speech are up to you.  The language you use and word choices you make will affect the emotional power of your speech as well as the overall rhetorical force. 


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You are, again, required to do research for this speech.  There are no restrictions on the type of source.  You must use at least 2 sources; you may use as many as you like.  You must make at least 2 verbal citations in your speech.  Wikipedia is not a credible source.  Do NOT cite it in your speech.  If you use it, DO include it on your bibliography (it doesn’t count as a required source). 

Visual Aids:  Persuasion is about the impact your speech makes upon an audience.  For this speech, you are required to use at least 1 visual/presentation aid to help you create that impact.  Whether your visual aid is a physical object, paper image or chart, video clip, or another element of technology is up to you.  You must use your visual aid as well as show it to us.  If your visual aid is a video clip, it must not be longer 1 minute.


Free Speech Should not be Confused with Hate Speech

Communication is a key aspect of human social life and culture, which enables people to interact freely and effectively. Effective communication is achieved when the sender of the message is clear and the receiver of the message receives it without being distorted. Various methods of communication such as verbal, non-verbal, and written communication may be used to pass the message to the audience. A language is a tool of communication used by a particular society or community of people during their interactions or activities. Speech involves articulating information that addresses certain matters to the audience. Therefore, the orator uses the language skillfully to …

Hate speech is a communication attacking a person or a group based on their identity thus leading to demeaning and divisiveness. One can attack others based on their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, color, or any other identifying factor. Hate may involve an abuse through a word, or a publication of a story, a social media post, or the spreading of false information about others by any means. Free speech is the right to express information, ideas, and opinions free of government restrictions based on content and subject only to reasonable limitations. This study is an…

Differentiating Hate Speech from Free Speech

Free speech prohibits incitement to discrimination, hostility, and violence while hate speech propels the three vices. Free speech enhances human rights protection, anti-terrorism, prevention of gender-based violence, and promotes refugees’ protection | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | fighting all forms of racism and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | from enmity and conflict between two parties whereby one seeks popularity and mass following while demeaning the opponent. Therefore, free speech is a tool of building national unity while hate speech is a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | can be declared hate by | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | it under a justifiable legal framework, otherwise, an individual’s social media post may remain a free | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | . A speech is termed as hate | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | on its latitude and how it expresses controversial ideas, views, and opinions. Print and electronic media may not be committing a criminal | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | by publishing suspicious written content. | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | , free speech does not allow infringement of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | law.  If one’s speech leads to illegal acts of violence is not protected | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | free speech does not mean every US citizen has the legal right to say anything at any time (Demaske, 2020). Therefore, it calls for an | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of both protections afforded by free speech and its limitations. Freedom of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | restricts hate speech and incitements, the restrictions…


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