ASSIGNMENT HELP | This project provides you an opportunity to analyze a public speech act from history

Requirements: 4-6 pgs. typed, double-spaced, 12 point font
This project provides you an opportunity to analyze a public speech act from history
A bibliography page must accompany your paper
(document whatever outside sources you use as well as the speech you have chosen).



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A Rhetorical Analysis of Fredrick Douglass’ Speech

The Historical or Cultural Moment

When Fredrick Douglass fled to the liberated Northern States, settling in New Bedford, Massachusetts, he regained his freedom partially in 1938. As a New England Anti-Slavery movement member, he advocated for slavery abolition. The government threatened his freedom when he printed his autobiography leading him to look for refuge in Great Britain. In 1847, Fredrick Douglass saved sufficient money to repurchase his freedom in Rochester, instituted an anti-slavery newspaper, and assisted in smuggling slaves via the underground railways to …


Using the Fourth of July celebrations as the opportune stage, Fredrick Douglass delivered a powerful yet reflective speech concerning the delusion of nationhood that Americans were celebrating, calling for his people’s freedom. The real message behind Douglass’s speech was about American Slavery. He used rhetorical questions, analogies, distinctive imagery, and syllogistic reasoning to rebuke America for being hypocritical to its present and past founding principles. Douglass condemns slavery by saying, “your Fourth of July is a sham; your boasted …


Fredrick Douglass’ speech was a perfect application of most of Aristotle’s theories. Aristotle asserted that a speaker or author could utilize three basic styles to appeal to their audience. The first was logos, which appealed to reason and facts in an argument. As a gifted orator, Fredrick Douglass used logos perfectly by providing in-depth and critical truths about America’s political and legislative scene, including enacted and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | was also meticulous in dismantling his | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | used logs when he talked about imposed penalties on black people. He said that out of the seventy-two crimes that subject a black man to the death …

Pathos Douglass uses pathos to appeal to his audience’s emotions | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a concoction of analogies, expressions, distinctive imagery, and rhythmic developments to attract his audience’s attention in | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | frustration in his black listeners and at the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | time solicits empathy to his white | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that white people’s high independence only revealed the immense distance between whites and blacks and that the blessings that white people were rejoicing on that day | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | nation never…


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