ASSIGNMENT HELP | Why does pedagogy for differentiation support literacy foundations in the secondary classroom?

Why does pedagogy for differentiation support literacy foundations in the secondary classroom? How can this pedagogy be supported by the Christian worldview?



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Discussion Questions

Differentiated pedagogy supports the literature in the secondary | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ording to Ward (2017) pedagogy refers to the art of science and professional teaching. It underpins the teaching styles, assessment, and feedback used in the classroom based on the student’s | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | literature teaching can either be learner-centered or teacher-centered. The best way that pedagogy teaching enhances literacy foundation in the secondary classroom is using student learning centered method in which students are active participants of the learning | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the teacher delivers the content, they pursue more mentoring and coaching roles to help students learn.  

Students learn well in a more collaborative environment, which facilitates reading and writing literacy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | pedagogy uses a learner-centered strategy that focuses on maximizing critical thinking, writing, and reading skills through peer-to-peer interaction and with the help of interpersonal | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | teacher can set up posters in a certain location in the classroom to help them participate in the gallery walk. Then, divide them into groups and rotate them between each station and sort their observation into categories. Then, ask students to write and read the words observed, and write their experience about this activity.

The differentiated teaching pedagogy should integrate the Christian | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | integrates Christian values in the teaching, such as; encouraging learners to be hard workers to improve their learning, including writing and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | should integrate the teachings of Jesus Christ, such as honesty, care, and love. In fact, through pedagogy collaboration, success can only be achieved through teamwork and respecting each other diversity, such as culture, beliefs and encouraging all the members to participate.

Biblically, two people cannot walk together unless they agree; therefore, collaboration is key to the success of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | helps student understand that they have a responsibility to make the world a better place. For instance, literature learning helps to improve how people communicate with each other. Through proper expression in writing and reading, the student will prevent misunderstanding in their careers and social life and deliver truthful…


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