ASSIGNMENT HELP | Write a 500-750 word pedagogy statement for your role as a reading/literacy specialist and address the following:

Developing and understanding your personal pedagogy sets the stage for teachers and students. The pedagogy is a simple design that requires teachers to examine their theories of learning and identify their core values of teaching and learning.



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Write a 500-750 word pedagogy statement for your role as a reading/literacy specialist and address the following:

Identify the goals you have for yourself, as the reading/literacy specialist, as well as for the students you work with in your classroom or your colleague\’s classroom.
Describe how the principles of Christian worldview may play a role in your personal pedagogy.
Describe how literacy learning occurs in your classroom.
Explain how your teaching facilitates literacy learning for students.
Describe how you design, adapt, and deliver literacy instruction to address each student’s diverse learning strengths and needs and create opportunities for students to demonstrate their literacy learning in different ways.
Support your personal pedagogy with 2-3 scholarly resources.


Instructional approaches employed by teachers are important in enhancing the learner’s understanding of the concepts under study. For reading/literacy, specialists ensure that the strategies employed respond to the specific learning needs of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | often plan, teach and also evaluate instruction for students that have reading and writing challenges. While implementing the instructional approaches, teachers often use personal pedagogies which defines how they teach both in theory and in | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is formed by a teacher’s teaching beliefs and specific teaching philosophy. This task will present a personal account of how to use pedagogy in a learning experience.

Personal Goals as a Literacy Specialists

My goal as a literacy specialist is to plan, to teach and then evaluate the instructions for students especially those that have reading and writing | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | employ differentiated teaching approaches to help in improving the learning experience of learners that have difficulty in reading and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also work with other classroom teachers in a co-teaching approach that can help struggling students. My overall goal is to see that all learners can access quality education no matter their abilities or possible exceptionality. At the end of every learning experience, my intention is to ensure that all learners are competent in all the areas of learning covered during the lesson experience.

The Principle of Christian Worldview

The principle of Christian worldview can play a central role in enhancing my teaching experience particularly in improving personal | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | approaches used in my classroom setting should promote equality and demonstrate fairness for all the students. The teaching approach should be conscious of the needs of learners with exceptionalities and hence development of learner-centered strategies | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | pedagogy should be free of any form of discrimination and guarantee to all learners equal opportunity and a fair learning environment where all learners are free to contribute without fear of being | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of Christian world view will also ensure that the teaching methods enhance the student’s understanding and also allow them to question whatever information is presented to them.

How Literacy Learning Occurs

In my classroom setting, there are many ways through which I demonstrate literacy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is through learner engagement and communication amongst | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | for talking and engagement, the young children often develop their own linguistic competencies and also enhance the learner’s | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | way to develop literacy learning is setting reading goals in classroom. In the classroom, each student sets individual reading goals which helps them to take action in enhancing the personal reading | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | students become more mindful of the improvements they make in their reading experience. The other approach I often implement is to let the students guide the reading. While implementing reading activities to help the class in learning complex materials, it is often easy to underscore what works for every student and the need to modify the learning approaches to address the specific needs of students.

How the Teaching Facilitates Literacy Learning There are many ways through which my teaching facilitates literacy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | approach that I often use is the use of different media which help to reinforce the text taught in class. Use of media such as video animations and songs often help the students to easily connect what they learn with what they see or experience | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the kid’s imaginations and visualization is enhanced through the use of songs and other media during a classroom learning experience. The media also enhance the listen, read and learn approach which has demonstrated to be effective in improving the student’s learning | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | method I often implement in classroom is the use of a vocabulary wall. Some of the walls are described as wall of words where there are many words accompanied by their meanings which ideally helps the learners to understand the new words. Others are the…


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