Assignment Help | When the word “geology” comes up in reading or the newspaper or any other discussion, what comes to your mind?

This discussion board is a “warm up”, to get you thinking about geology. Without reference to your textbook or the Internet, please answer or discuss the following by clicking on reply; note you should prepare your submission in MSWord, edit and spell check and then do copy/paste in the textbox that appears are you click on reply.

1. When the word “geology” comes up in reading or the newspaper or any other discussion, what comes to your mind?


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2. Locally (that means here in Brevard County or if you are away from the area consider your own region), what geological process or condition or property is very evident to you as you drive around the area.


3. How old do you think the Earth is and how is Earth’s age determined? Again, don’t look up the answer; rather I would like to establish the level/baseline of understanding in the class. Shortly after beginning of class you will know the answers to these questions.

4. In your casual reading or reading the newspaper or viewing the television or accessing the Internet, what was the most recent geological event or process or property was mentioned and in what context.
Remember, be comprehensive, reread and rewrite your response, and especially do a spell check.

Spell check your work before submitting; spelling errors, even one, means your grade will be 25/100.


What I think of Geology

When I encounter the word geology, I link it to the formation of the earth and its natural occurrences such as changes in climate, earthquakes, landslides, volcanoes as well as the distribution of natural resources.

The Geology of Brevard County

While walking around the county, it is almost divided into land and water mass | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | water mass is the Atlantic Ocean, St. John’s r | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | fertile soils that have favored agricultural activities. The fertility of the soil is as a result of the shelly sediments on its coastline. While driving around the county, grayish sand soil, black and brown phosphatic soils and green clay soil can be noticed with ease (Wilson & Keeling, 2016).

The Age of the Earth and how its age is Determined

I am not sure how old | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | earth is as old as the decades so far witnessed on earth. Since we are in the millennial age, could be the earth is as old as | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | r today is 2020, then probably the earth was formed 2020 years ago. But again, I have another version that could be different from my initial thought, the earth could be millions or billions of years since probably at the time of formation, calendar days did not exist and so some days of the earth could not | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is determined based on ancient philosophies.

Recent Geographical Event

I am not so sure if the Australian fires can be classified as part of a geological event even though I am somehow certain that it is since it can be linked to climate change and so this can be said to be the latest geological event.


Wilson, I., & Keeling, J. (2016). Global occurrence, geology and characteristics of tubular halloysite deposits. Clay Minerals51(3), 309-324.


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