ASSIGNMENT HELP | Select one of the following recommendations from the IOM report:

Select one of the following recommendations from the IOM report:



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Remove scope-of-practice barriers.
Increase the proportion of nurses with a baccalaureate degree to 80 percent by 2020.
Double the number of nurses | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a doctorate by 2020.
Do you support the recommendation? Explain why or why not. In your explanation, provide one reference that supports your answer.


IOM Report

Double The Number of Nurses with A Doctorate by 2020

Currently, less than one percent of the nursing staff has a doctorate in the nursing profession, which is a devastating statistic given the importance and role that the nursing professionals play in providing the best possible care to the people that seek out their help in all healthcare | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | more nurses with doctorates will ensure that the future generations of nurses are in a position to access the best possible education from professionals who have been in the field and have practical knowledge of the inner workings involved in the nursing profession.

Additionally, having a doctorate in the nursing field will help in increasing an individual’s chances of being involved in the important nurse | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | number of nurse leaders in organizations and the country at large will help in ensuring that the policies created are fully beneficial to both the organizations | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | nurse is to advocate for the clients in his or her care, having the chance to be a part of any decisions and policies centered on patient care is crucial to ensure that all the patients’ needs and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | who have doctorates in the various nursing fields have the opportunity to take part in the research studies that can help in revolutionizing the health care | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | for them to associate with other health professionals and eventually realize breakthroughs in the field of medicine and healthcare. Breakthroughs that can help in changing the lives of those they are taking care of, while still profiting their organizations.


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Neuberger, G. B. (2016). Developing Ph.D. Nurse Scientists: Do Bachelor of Science in Nursing Honors Programs Help? Journal of Nursing Education55(10), 579-582.


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