Lean Manufacturing

Participate in the following discussions: Discuss the 7 sources of waste and the components of a Lean Production Environment.



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The current world needs organizations and companies to be | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | n by increasing the value of products that produce and reducing the energy as well as input that is needed to come up with an output (Dennis, 2016). This is the main concept of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | spent during production and having more gains at the end of the process a strategy that most business need to apply. Lean production is characterized by various wastes that need to be eliminated.

The first waste is in the form of defects as they interfere with the resources, time as well as customer satisfaction. For instance, the poor design of the work enviro | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | communication channels and human error that lead to more costs than benefits. Overproduction is the third waste as it leads to the utilization of resources that are not in demand or needed (Marodin et al., 2019). Waiting is the fourth waste since it occurs out of poor process design and lack of standard work.

The fifth waste is | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | t is associated with inventory and purchasing items that are not needed. The sixth waste is on transportation. This is characterized by long handling components and a huge distance between the operations | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | during transportation. The seventh waste is the non-utilization of talent. An organization that fails to identify the potential of employees and utilize it tends to fail in a competitive environment. All these wastes types sum up the components of lean, which | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com |


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