ASSIGNMENT HELP | Motivational Leadership Case Study

Discussion Question: Using motivational leadership theory, describe and/or diagram one theory and the strategies that you would recommend Janet implement in order to motivate her nursing staff.



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Healthcare organizations require adequate collaboration between the management team and other nursing staff. For an organization like Bellevue Retirement Center which is known to provide quality care, there is a need to ensure appropriate strategies are followed to sustain such a reputation. It is, however worrying that the morale of staff in the organization has dwindled leading to reduced | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is under financial constraint, the best motivational strategies ought to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | financial incentives such as increment in salary and compensation helps improve morale, it may not be applicable in this case.

In order to motivate her nursing staff, Janet will have to try and fulfill the desired needs of the employees, improve their emotional response towards the place of work, ensure job value and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | by Park, 2015, nurse managers have to consider all attributes that influence job satisfaction in the nursing field. Some of the strategies to be used are giving them hope that the future will | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is nothing as good as employees working with the view that everything will be better in the near future. Janet doesn’t have the luxury of looking frustrated.

According to McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory, employees are often motivated by a desire to achieve, a form of affiliation | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | thus make it a culture for these driving forces to be inculcated in the employees (Park, 2015). In order for this to be a reality, communication | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | assure other nursing staff that running from problems won’t solve their resolve to deliver quality care. She has to encourage them to consider the good they have done to make BRC a reputable | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | has to direct all credit to other nursing staff. She also has to ensure autonomy for the nursing staff so that they feel valued and responsible for the success of the organization.


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