Assignment Help | Choose two emerging populations, such as Latino/Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, or Black/African Americans.

Discussion 1

This discussion prompt refers to the Pathways to Safer Opioid Use simulation.


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After participating in the Pathways to Safer Opioid Use simulation exercise, reflect on the following.
Have you empowered a patient to believe they could make needed lifestyle modifications irrespective of the barriers that exist in their environment? Please provide examples. If so, you were engaged in health promotion activities as part of your nursing role. | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |
Were there any strategies used in this simulation exercise that you use to improve patient health literacy? Are there any that you use that were not mentioned here? In your experience, how effective are these strategies?
What are some of the biggest challenges you encounter when trying to improve health literacy? What solutions can you offer to manage these challenges?

Discussion 2
Choose two emerging populations, such as Latino/Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders, or Black/African Americans. How do health issues differ between the two populations?


The use and abuse of opioids have become a major crisis due to its addictive nature and constantly used prescription as a pain reliever. With this crisis, there is a need to come up with strategies that can simulate and promote patient health literacy. The first strategy would be to inform the patient before-hand on the need to use the medication only for the prescribed period, which is usually less than 5 days (MayoClinic, 2019). Caregivers must ensure that patients understand that using the medication beyond the prescribed period leads to dependence. The second …


The use of these strategies has proved to be quite effective when applied to patients determined to prevent any possible addiction. However, there are some challenges involved with | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is that their effectiveness is dependent on the patient’s attitude and willingness to avoid the abuse of opioids (MayoClinic, 2019). Secondly. The strategies can only be thought of as effective if the patient is only getting medication refills…

Health issues and outcomes tend to differ between individuals and communities, depending on factors such as race and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the Hispanic American and African American populations, the disparities in the area of healthcare are | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |communities being among the emerging populations in America, statistics show that the Black community tends to receive fewer healthcare …


Assari, S. (2018). Health disparities due to diminished return among black Americans: Public policy solutions. Social Issues and Policy Review12(1), 112-145.

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