ASSIGNMENT HELP | Distinguish the characteristics of an effective follower. How does this affect the types of power one has? What is appealing about the role? What is unattractive about the role?


Being a good follower requires much effort and responsibility since followers are the individuals behind the face of leadership. They are the people who can either make or break the leaders (Rosenbach, Pittman & Potter, 2018). People often diminish the roles of followers as | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | at one point has been a follower of another. Therefore, to be a good follower, an individual must possess certain characteristics.


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To start with, a good follower is self-directing | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | are good team players, trustworthy and trustful, they actively participate, and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | must set high standards for themselves as | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | have self-discipline, be passionate and take the initiative if allowed to do so (Rosenbach et al., 2018).

            Additionally, a good follower supports their leader’s vision with passion and possesses the ability to take risks and challenge their leader’s | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and influence that a follower has depends on their | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | follower has great influence and performance while the opposite is true for the subordinate follower because of their lack of commitment and excellence | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and follower, none of them has the ultimate power since they are both dependent on each other. There can be no leaders without followers and vice versa. Moreover, they share a symbiotic relationship.

However, followers can make or destroy a leader through their | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | appealing thing about the concept of followership is, without it, nothing much can get done, or if anything gets done, it is not as | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | unattractive thing about followership is that people stigmatize followership | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | perceive it as lacking ambition and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | cannot progress to a leadership position without showing the ability to follow and function as part of a group.


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