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Organizations are not only successful because of a brand or an idea. They are successful because their leadership understands the importance of analyzing every part of the organization. This ensures that balance and control measures are aligned to their mission statement and organizational goals in order to achieve their highest level of success in their competitive markets. In this assignment, you will apply research skills to identify, analyze, and assess the success of a Fortune 500 Organization.



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Choose a Fortune 500 company and write a brief history of the organization. Then, elaborate on what type of human relationship structure the organization promotes. What type of customer does the organizational structure target from products or services? What communication strategies are being used? Are they effective? Explain what can be done for improvements in their strategies. Then, explain how they select their teams in order to be successful. What are their methods to develop managerial decisions? Where does the organization rate within the current industry? Summarize your views on organizational performance based on human capital. Explain your recommendations for improvements of the organization’s practices. Is the organization operating in an ethical manner?


It is highly encouraged that students select their Fortune 500 companies during the first week of class in order to have ample time to perform excellent research, become familiar with the APA style, and complete the paper on time. Again, the Individual Assignment it is due at the end of Module 6. Failure to submit this paper on time will result in a zero grade for the Assignment.


Cover Sheet
The cover sheet must include your name, the name of the selected company, the course title and number, the semester, year, instructor’s name and the date of submission.

The assignment must be 6–10 pages in length, not including the cover sheet or reference page. You must use 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Three or more references must be listed in APA Format on a page at the conclusion of the assignment.


Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Brief History

           George Jenkins, Publix Super Markets Inc.’s late founder, opened the first store known as Publix Food Store in Winter Haven, in 1930. The second location was opened in 1935 across town, and in 1940, both stores were closed before Jenkins’ dream store was | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Super Market with an opportunity for expansion. Jenkins negotiated a deal to buy the company, including all its warehouses, including its small retail stores and employees. Five years later, in 1950, saw Publix outgrew its main supplier where a major facility was established. Since then, Jenkins became an innovator in the grocery store business, and it was characterized by quality customer service, clean stores, and often seeking new technologies to back up their innovation. 

Human Relationship Structure

           Publix’s human relationship structure assumes a family setup where the bigger part of the organization is owned by the employees. The employees own a stake in the company, and they have a major say in how the company functions or operates. The company is among the biggest and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | satisfaction Publix provides has seen the company earn a top slot in the top 100 organizations surveyed. At the same time, the company’s success is attributed to its employee-owned characteristics and is evidenced by the company turning its servicemen such as baggers, cashiers, and bakers into the company’s major stakeholders/shareholders.

Publix also awards its employees, especially those show total commitment and dedication, and 8.5% of the employees’ total pay awarded as the company’s | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | relationship is characterized by family-like, tight-knit structure governed by such ideals as trust, respect, support, and accountability (Mujtaba & Johnson, 2016). Publix’s manager-associate relationship works as a lateral unit where everyone plays a …

Type of Customer targeted by Publix’s Organizational Structure

           Since Publix is a grocery store chain, anyone can potentially become a customer, thus this would mean the company focuses on no set customer type since food products and services are among the primal human being needs. However, Publix understands the expectations of all | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | thrives by maintaining customer experience as its major focus (Mujtaba & Johnson, 2016). The move has never disappointed the majority of its customers knowingly or intentionally. According to Figart (2017), Publix strives to make the lives of its customers a lot easier and is evidenced by the company’s move to provide…

The company also realizes customer value through a range of grocery items from deli selections, dairy, produce, fresh-baked bread, specialty cheeses, floral, and health | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | mission statement that reads: “To be the premier quality food retailer in the world” (Mujtaba & Johnson, 2016). The focus of this mission largely informs Publix’s organizational structure, which aims at focusing on customer value for those customers that care passionately about the food products they buy, the atmosphere the …

Communication Strategies

           Publix’s communication strategies are often directed at the customer. The company believes in communicating the right message to the customer about their products and services immediately they enter the store premises. According to Figart (2017), Publix understands that customer | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | up on the Publix application on their smartphones to get good product deals (Mujtaba & Johnson, 2016). Primarily, Publix adopts different communication forms to contact their customers, in addition to having a strong, easily noticeable company logo. The company also boasts of a strong branding from years of having the reputation of being customer friendly and clean. In turn, its food products have ended up selling themselves. If there are any improvements Publix should make in its communication strategies is to think globally by targeted international customers. The company is a Fortune…


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