ASSIGNMENT HELP | Math211(statistics) Discussion2

Multiple studies conducted in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom show that the probability of dying in the hospital is higher if you are admitted on the weekend. Why might this be? What factors might contribute to this probability? What could hospitals do to reduce/eliminate this phenomenon?



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Math211(Statistics) Discussion2

Many studies have shown that the mortality rate is higher during the weekend than during any other day of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a report by the European Society of Anesthesiology, (2014), the risk of death following surgery is higher in the afternoons at weekends than is the case during | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | was depicted after considering various populations and hospital settings | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | were given by Augenstein, S. (2011) who argued that the weekends suffer from lack of workforce, especially in the emergency settings.

Why The Probability of Dying Over the Weekend Is Higher Than Any Other Day

The likelihood of having more deaths over the weekend is higher than any other day is as a result of the “weekend effect.” Most | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | tend not to work over the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | emergency room, the chances are that there will | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | no staff to attend to the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | patients suffering from chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, it may be too late to receive care that may not be forthcoming over the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | though hospitals are expected to work for 24 hours, most healthcare workers opt to stay away over the weekend and only work on emergencies if they | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | at times respond late after the emergency has worsened.

How Hospitals Can Do to Eliminate the Phenomenon

The most feasible solution is to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | an all-round availability for all the hospital | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | appointments and other elective procedures | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also be scheduled on weekends and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | difference in the form of care being offered either during weekdays or ove | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | should also ensure that in critical areas of care such as in emergency settings, proper schedules and shifts are drawn to avoid any form of vacuum.


Augenstein, S. (2011). “Weekend effect” a problem in understaffed hospitals, study finds. Retrieved from

European Society of Anaesthesiology (2014, May 31). Risk of death highest following surgery in afternoons, at weekends, and in February. EurekAlert! Retrieved from


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