ASSIGNMENT HELP | Identify the case study and describe the ethical issue(s) present in it.

Case Study

Nicole and Julia explain to you that their relationship has felt strained lately and that they fear they are heading for a breakup. The couple explain to you that they have been in a long-term, non-monogamous relationship, but that lately, Nicole has expressed desire to change this practice. Julia feels that Nicole is “changing the rules halfway through the game” and that her sexual relationships with others are of no consequence to how she feels about Nicole. Their current relationship practice conflicts with your own personal opinion about the role of monogamy in relationships, and thus you feel conflicted about how to handle the situation.


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Identify the case study and describe the ethical issue(s) present in it.
Explain how you would address each of these issues.
Justify your response using the appropriate professional Code of Ethics


Addressing Ethical Issues

Case Study #2

            Nicole and Julia are in what is termed as a non-monogamous | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | involves partners having the freedom to engage in a sexual relationship with multiple partners while being in a relationship. In the case study, the assumption is that the relationship in existence between Julia and Nicole could | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | assumption is not often true since lesbianism can be bisexual, which means both women may be engaged in a single male figure as part of the open | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | suggests that the relationship between Julia and Nicole is ending up being dysfunctional since both women constantly exhibit conflicting beliefs and values about the nature of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to identify the presenting issues in the case study involving Nicole and Julia, as well as identify ways of helping the couple.

The Description of the Ethical Issues in the Case Study

           The one ethical principle focused on advancing the relationship among people is a significant approach to make the necessary changes. Social workers, for instance, are expected to engage the partners – Julia and Nicole – as part of the helping process to reinforce the process of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is important to assist both partners to better understand how the implications of non-monogamous relationships, especially in what Henrich and Trawinski (2016) consider as the resulting emotional and mental problems within the non-monogamous | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | as is the case in the case study, educating the partners on the importance of monogamous relationships in developing a healthy relationship potentially leading to marriage (Henrich & Trawinski, 2016). 

           At the same time, even though the views and understanding of a therapist/social worker may differ significantly with those of Julia and Nicole, especially on the concept of sustaining the relationship, they ought to focus more on their lifestyle choices before coming up with an effective decision. The decision ought to be how to advance their relationship into a more monogamous one while sharing their perceptions and understanding of the dynamics and culture of lesbianism (Ferrer, 2018). Again, their misunderstandings need effective interventions.

How to Address these Issues?

           One way of addressing the above issue is to caution Julia and Nicole that even though they are in a lesbian relationship, their non-monogamous relationship would still result in them contracting STDs from other partners because of their active | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | provide educational information, while integrating it with positive feedback on the importance of leading in a monogamous, healthy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is to share the importance of marriage by sharing its meaning and value. For instance, Julia and Nicole should understand the physical, financial (Stults, 2019), and emotional benefits of marriage in terms of helping the couple ensuring they work towards something long-lasting and substantial once they opt to stick | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | with a professional with vast knowledge of lesbianism and the non-monogamous relationship would be another way of finding a lasting solution. At the same time, the professional would be better placed to assist the couple to sustain a committed relationship between Julia and Nicole, as well as become a filter before carrying out sessions to ensure that the couple is prepared to handle some hard truths about


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