ASSIGNMENT HELP | Briefly summarize the presented issue.

Find a scholarly, peer-reviewed article no more than four years old that discusses an ethical health promotion-related issue. Use the WCU library databases to search for appropriate articles.



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In your paper:
.Briefly summarize the presented issue.
.Describe your thoughts on the role health care professionals should play in resolving the ethical issue.
.Provide specific theories and refer to specific ethical codes to support your position.


Your paper should be 3 pages long. Use APA to cite and reference the article and any other optional sources you use. Adhere to APA formatting throughout your paper.


Health promotion refers to the practice in which the public have increased control over their health. The practice covers social and environmental issues that affect an individual’s health, without necessarily focusing on the cure and treatment phases (WHO, 2019).  The three elements crucial to health promotion include health literacy, healthy cities, and good governance. Examples of health promotion activities include promoting physical…

Despite the positive outcomes brought about by health promotion, it is still considered a controversial issue | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ethical issues related to health | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is to what extent individuals can have responsibility for their health (WHO, 2019). Secondly, is it justified to make use of health promotion strategies that have not been evaluated sufficiently? Thirdly, how …

Health care professionals can play several roles in resolving the ethical issues associated with | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | they could play is to ensure that any information provides to the public is sufficiently tested | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | any incorrect data may result in more harm than good to the public (RHIhub, 2020). This implementation…

This moral code also draws its support from Kant’s theory, which states that any action taken in a given circumstance should become law for everyone, including | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the Biblical principle of doing unto others as you would have them do unto | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | requires healthcare professionals to treat their patients…

Secondly, healthcare professionals should be in a position to determine to what extent their patients should | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | afforded to their patients should respect the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | codes of autonomy and openness (Cameron & Schneider, 2018). Healthcare providers should ensure that the information provided to their clients is accurate and truthful while respecting any and every choice the patient makes. A theory…


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