ASSIGNMENT HELP | Discuss prior or current supervision experiences that you have been a part of, from either a supervisee’s or supervisor’s position.

B. Other Supervisory Experiences (work, internship, etc.) from a Different Field

Discuss prior or current supervision experiences that you have been a part of, from either a supervisee’s or supervisor’s position. Consider those experiences and evaluate them according to whether they have been effective supervision practices, implemented as they are outlined in the readings. Based on your evaluation, determine which elements of your supervision experience may have been more effective towards building the supervisee’s performance, and discuss some ideas for implementing strategies towards meeting that goal from both a supervisor and trainee perspective.


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Supervisory Experiences

Supervisory roles of any kind can have unprecedented challenges both to the supervisor and the supervisee. In my experience there are many supervision experiences that I have gone through both at the supervision level and as a supervisee. As a supervisor, I have had the opportunity to monitor newly recruited employees’ internships and work experiences. Some of the responsibilities that I had to undertake include managing workflow, creating and managing team schedules, evaluating performance, providing feedback, and reporting to the human resource personnel and the senior management teams (Lee, Idris & Tuckey, 2019).

The supervision experience was very effective as I managed to interact with the interns and employees and got to fully understand their feelings and perceptions regarding the responsibilities they | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | held meetings with them and hence got to iron out their fears while motivating them to be | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the supervision was a good experience for me to learn how to handle personnel and how to be directly accountable for their decisions while at the same time giving them the autonomy they deserve.

Based on my evaluation, some of the elements that were more effective towards building an effective supervision experience include reviewing decisions/ actions to improve on performance, offering professional and personal support and being available whenever I am needed, and helping the supervisees realize their potential by allowing personal | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the ideas that can be used to implement strategies towards meeting these goals include conducting meetings from time to time to review responsibilities, challenges, and how to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | idea is to provide time for skills and professional development through short refresher training to improve the employees’ competency and skills.


Lee, M. C. C., Idris, M. A., & Tuckey, M. (2019). Supervisory coaching and performance feedback as mediators of the relationships between leadership styles, work engagement, and turnover intention. Human Resource Development International22(3), 257-282.

Otero-Neira, C., Varela-Neira, C., & Bande, B. (2016). Supervisory servant leadership and employee’s work role performance. Leadership & Organization Development Journal.


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