ASSIGNMENT HELP | Our discussions are an opportunity to have thoughtful discussions about a given topic.

Please answer discussion topic on attachment as well as two short comments or reply to two other students topic.



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Requirements for Discussions are as follows:
Our discussions are an opportunity to have thoughtful discussions about a given topic. The questions raised will be general in nature and ask you to think deeply. In each discussion forum, you will be required to give a thoughtful and comprehensive response of at least five to eight sentences that are reflective and well-written, as well as respond to at least two other people. The discussion begins when other class members read what you wrote and respond.


Class members are expected to contribute original thoughts as well as respond to classmates’ posts. In your responses, you will ask your classmates questions, expand on one of their ideas, ask for clarity on one of their points, and maybe even politely disagree and explain why.



A simple moving average is an | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | calculated by the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of recent closing prices and dividing them by the periods. Weighted moving is a calculation that places more emphasis on the recent data as opposed to that of the past to make accurate forecasts. Exponential smoothing is a forecasting technique that allocates an exponentially decreasing weight to past | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | analysis is a predictive analysis forecast method that aims to link dependent and independent variables. The best forecasting technique is the simple…

Based on the forecasting technique used management can opt to build up capacity anticipating demand for their products. Should they use this approach, the advantage is that if the anticipated demand materializes, the company stands to make a large profit and capture a larger | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | demand does not happen, the company stands to lose its invested resources as well as deal with the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | task of reallocating these resources to other departments.

If the company | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the second approach of building up | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in response to the developing demand, they can allocate their resources accordingly ensuring that there is no waste | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | disadvantage of this | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is that it does not allow the management to stay ahead of its competition. Therefore, denying them access to a larger market share held by their opponents.

Response to Peer 1:

I partly agree with the student’s opinion that exponential smoothing is an effective | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | d. However, I do not think it is the best especially in instances where the company is depending on past trends to make better management | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | tend to repeat themselves over a long period, lacking to analyze those trends may cost the company a lot in terms of resources and their clientele base.

Response to Peer 2:

I agree with the student’s view that linear regression is an effective forecasting tool.  However, it is not as useful when it comes to analyzing the demand for a company’s products over a specific time, whether current or in the past.


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