ASSIGNMENT HELP | An analysis of your position on whether public policy should be a separate area of study.

An analysis of your position on whether public policy should be a separate area of study. Then, justify your position. Be specific and cite the Learning Resources in your post.

Public policy refers to the process by which governments around the world translate their political vision into actionable programs to deliver outcomes – desired changes in the real world. Governments and public administration, both in the public and private sectors, often conduct a public policy on various issues affecting people (Hudson et al., 2019). Considering public policy is considered a broad area of government laws and regulations, including local ordinances and court decisions, the concept should be a separate area of study considering government affects every aspect of our lives.


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Again, by studying it as a separate area of study, it will be easier for people in their jurisdiction, be it a country, state, or region, will play a role in influencing certain public policies directly affecting their | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that citizens and individual groups often attempt to influence public policy via the political process by supporting specific political parties and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | as it is positive to have a say in a political process, this may not be an effective way since political parties and politicians come and go, and their position changes because of different circumstances.

In this case, by studying public policy as a separate study, people will understand better, thus make a lasting impact by changing public opinion on various issues affecting them in the society and their respective communities| PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | focusing on public policy means people are becoming aware of the issues facing them on a personal level, thus are better positioned to change the beliefs, opinions, and systems at a national level by having a single voice on certain issues.


Hudson, B., Hunter, D., & Peckham, S. (2019). Policy failure and the policy-implementation gap: Can policy support programs help? Policy Design and Practice, 2(1), 1-14.

McConnell, A., & Paul’t, H. (2019). Inaction and public policy: Understanding why policymakers ‘do nothing’. Policy Sciences: Integrating Knowledge and Practice to Advance Human Dignity, 52(4), 645-661.


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