ASSIGNMENT HELP | Healthy People 2020 identify objectives related to nutrition and food safety.

Healthy People 2020 identify objectives related to nutrition and food safety. What are your thoughts on MyPlate? How do you think it compares to other versions of daily requirements? Do you think MyPlate would work in your population? Why? Or why not?



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Healthy People 2020 nutrition objectives and MyPlate

Healthy People 2020 was established to achieve various goals. However, the main focus was on improving nutrition while at the same time reducing the weight loss. Another important goal was to improve on the food safety-behaviors that could consequently help reduce foodborne diseases. MyPlate is one of the nutritional guides published by the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (Jones, 2019). The guide focuses on five food groups; fruits, grains, dairy products, vegetables, and proteins. The guidelines offered by MyPlate indicates the types of food one is supposed to eat, the quantity and the calculated calorie allowance provided by one’s age, sex as well as height.

I believe MyPlate is an essential reminder to the people on how and why they ought to maintain a healthy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |advent of many lifestyle-related diseases, I believe that such programs are vital as they help people develop eating habits within the acceptable dietary guidelines. It is easy for most Americans to eat the right proportions of food by emphasizing the aforementioned food categories. Although MyPlate is almost similar to other daily requirements, it has less emphasis on grains, and there is no mention of fats and oils, as is the case of other programs such as the Pyramid | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | MyPlate will work in my state for several reasons. Firstly, the removal of all the fatty foods and sugary drinks is a welcome | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |where most people are worried about the rate of obesity and lifestyle diseases, MyPlate’s focus on having vegetables dominate our meals sounds a significant step towards maintaining healthy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | move to discourage excessive use of alcohol and caffeine is timely and can help reduce lifestyle-related…


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