Assignment Help: All of the following groups of medications are commonly prescribed in the acute care setting.

All of the following groups of medications are commonly prescribed in the acute care setting. Choose one of the topics below to discuss. If it is a medication group, select a specific drug within that group. (This is a good way to prepare for clinical practice, because you will get to know the drugs you will prescribe for patients.). Focus your discussion on the hospital or ICU setting and IV usage.



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Option 2

Conduct an evidence-based drug search on the drug you selected and post an explanation of any possible issues. Are there any drug interactions? Any black box warnings? To what type of patient would you prescribe this medication?


Aminoglycosides are a category of antibiotics that are applied in the treatment of aerobic gram-negative bacilli infections. They are also useful in treating other bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  The antibiotics function by inhibiting protein synthesis inside the bacteria (Lyu et al., 2017). Bacteria kill rates increase with more concentration of Aminoglycosides, however, the margin between a safe and harmful dosage is too slim which calls for careful monitoring process by a trained medical practitioner. The paper intends to discuss …

Tobramycin is a prescription aminoglycoside antibiotic, essential for treating Gram-negative infections. It is necessary to first check with an experienced medical practitioner before starting, stopping or changing the dosage of tobramycin. A physician directs a patient to apply the medication after identifying the possible drug interactions and creating a measure to monitor the interactions (Huth et al., 2015). According to the medical research, tobramycin interacts severely with furosemide and moderately with Prevacid. Before using the antibiotics, it is essential that individuals note the black box warnings to come up with effective measures in case a problem emerges. Tobramycin can cause damage to the kidney. It is, therefore, not advisable for patients with kidney problems to use the medication. The drug should also be used with


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