Assignment Help: Post a description of at least one limitation or challenge you encountered during your clinical experience this week.

From providing ongoing assessments to monitoring for complications and facilitating recovery, advanced practice nurses who care for patients in perioperative environments experience a unique set of limitations and challenges. Reflecting on your experiences in this complex and critical environment will help you develop your professional competency and prepare you for your future role as an advanced practice nurse. In this week’s Discussion, you consider limitations and challenges of clinical practice in perioperative care settings.



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To prepare:

  • Reflect on this week’s clinical experiences.
  • Consider one limitation or challenge you encountered.
  • Think about how you overcame this limitation or challenge and how this might affect your future practice in pre- and post-operative care settings.

By Day 3

Post a description of at least one limitation or challenge you encountered during your clinical experience this week. Explain how you overcame this limitation or challenge and how this might affect your future practice.


A perioperative environment is a period within which a patient undergoes a surgical procedure. The period includes admission into the ward, the surgery and lastly the recovery process. Effective patient care in perioperative environment is essential to help provide better conditions before the surgery process, during the procedure, and after the operation. However, advanced practice nurses experience a set of limitations while operating in the perioperative environment which creates a primary topic of this paper.

Challenge Encountered During My Clinical Experience This Week

A surgical environment is a delicate health care field that requires maximum attention, timely and accurate communication for the operation procedures to be a success. The department has its unique challenges that may arise during the patient treatment process. It is categorized as one of the most sensitive sections in healthcare since the occurrence of any minor error can lead to significant damage to the patient (Sevdalis, Hull & Birnbach, 2012). Some of the challenges I encountered during my clinical experience this week related to patient misidentification, wrong surgical sites identification, medical errors and omission of essential procedures. However, the main problem that contributed to the occurrence of all the above-outlined challenges is the sparse information system. The clinical information technology (CIT) existing in the perioperative setting fails to match the needs of administrators, clinicians, and clerical staffs. In addition, surgical information systems do not keep pace with the increasing requirements of the perioperative processes and only offer basic functionalities in the areas of case management and planning, charge collection for hospital billing, patient/case scheduling, staffing, suite management, and nursing perioperative documentation.

According to research findings from most information technologies, the perioperative environment is mostly not considered in most healthcare practices while implementing the use of advanced information systems (Lynn & Brownie, 2015). Therefore, the physicians in the field find it difficult to properly schedule patient cases, to appropriate plan effective care and management, charge collection for hospital bills and to communicate with other practitioners for the diversity of ideas during the operation for efficiency during the surgery (Murphree et al., 2015). Inadequate information systems, therefore, force the advanced practice nurses through a lot of difficulties to ensure a patient goes through a successful operation and an efficient recovery process. To overcome the challenge of poor information systems, I suggested for the hospital management to consider the perioperative environment while employing advanced communication and information storage equipment. Using electronic information systems can be an essential step towards reducing the strain physicians go through and errors that can arise in the pre and post-surgery environment (Friend et al., 2017). Advanced information systems in the surgical department also create a platform


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