ASSIGNMENT HELP | A select few people brought about the revolution that we currently call theory of plate tectonics.

Material presented in Chapters 1-4 can be said as the “new geology”; most of the content in these chapters came from ideas developed in the 1950s-60s, which completely revolutionized the field of geology. A textbook of freshman geology in 1950 would read very differently from your current textbook.



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A select few people brought about the revolution that we currently call theory of plate tectonics. To gain an appreciation for the people that brought this new geology, you will research the following people. For each person you need to say: 1) what the person is noted for; 2) when the work was proposed; and 3) how the work influenced the emerging theory of plate tectonics; 4) how the work may have influenced other fields of science. You can find material on these people in reference and textbooks and the Internet. Again, if you take exact sentences from the literature you must use quotations followed by the reference citation. If you paraphrase material, include the reference at the end of your report. Your presentation should be 1-2 paragraphs per person.


1. Alfred Wegener

2. Drummond Matthews

3. Fred Vine

4. J Tuzo Wilson (note: I met Professor Wilson while I was a graduate student at Dalhousie Univ in Halifax, Nova Scotia)

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Alfred Wegener was a meteorologist and geophysicist, responsible for the heavily contested theory of the continental drift, which he came up | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | he theory of plate tectonics by suggesting that the continental drift was the reason why the continents tended to shift position on the Earth’s | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the theory would also help explain why similar rock formations and related plant and …

Drummond Matthews is known for his geological contribution in proving the Wegener’s continental drift theory on the ocean | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | 2018). His work not only influenced geology but …

Fred Vine worked with Drummond Matthews in proving the existence of tectonic plates on the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | work was crucial in discovering magnetic stripes on the sides of ridges. His work involved the use of magnetic reversals in a symmetrical pattern in the mid-ocean | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | responsible for proposing two main ideas in support of the plate tectonics theory in the 1960s. The two concepts are the recognition of the transform plate boundaries and the introduction of hotspots (Wilson et al., 2019). His ideas suggested that volcanic island chains were formed as a result of the movement of tectonic plates over a hotspot on the Earth’s mantle. His approach…


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