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This week, you will conclude your team assignment by evaluating your team’s effectiveness and assessing your leadership skills. You should bring together all of the insights that you have gained while studying in the course and while completing the weekly final assignments. On the basis of your readings and lectures, answer the following questions:

How effective have change initiatives been in the team? Is the change resisted?


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Change is inevitable and plays an important role in the creation of viable operational strategies that lead to the attainment of organizational goals and objectives. The implementation of change is a process that requires the application of important initiatives such as stakeholder engagement and making relevant adjustments. The change to participatory and democratic leadership styles have had positive implications for the team. The employees were willing to be included in the participatory form of leadership leading to the formulation of corroborative strategies meant to have long-term goals…

How effectively does the team learn together?

Teamwork is an important factor that the company is keen at retaining. The practice entails effective training of the employees to work as a team rather than as individuals. Monthly training programs is a company practice…

Use at least three other concepts from your study in the course to describe the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of the team, its leader, and its members.
What specific contributions did you make toward your team’s goal?
What could you have done to improve the success of your team and what action steps should be implemented to enhance the future effectiveness of the team? Discuss your strengths and weaknesses.
Did you experience any change in your thinking regarding what leadership means in today’s organizations or in your understanding, of how it is effectively applied in day-to-day experiences?
What parts of your emotional intelligence (EI) needs the most work to improve your leadership skills?
Identify three specific leadership concepts from your assigned readings for this course that you will use to improve your leadership skills. Be sure to explain the concept briefly and the benefit it will bring to you as a leader.


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