One area where human intelligence is limited is in the area of medicine.

One area where human intelligence is limited is in the area of medicine. It often takes a doctor to determine a medical condition, and doctors cannot be everywhere. However, if the knowledge and processes that doctors use can be transmitted to machines, the knowledge and diagnosis of the medical field can be greatly expanded.
Discuss how expert systems, neural networks, and genetic algorithms can help scientists meet medical challenges. Provide an example of each system. Select one of your three examples and describe the system more in-depth. Give an example of a system currently being used and describe how and where it is in use today.



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Artificial intelligence makes it possible for computer algorithms to approximate medical care conclusions without direct input from humans. The use of technology in healthcare has dramatically expanded the medical field by allowing for the determination of health conditions without the presence of healthcare practitioners. The advanced systems have also led to the improvement in the record-keeping mechanisms and detection of minor details that could be missed by clinicians Medical scientists can solve health challenges through the use of neural networks, expert systems, and genetic algorithms. First of all, neural networks include algorithm sets, designed for the recognition of patterns. They are used in handling issues that humans are not good at dealing with, such as problems that include prediction…


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