Analyze and break material into constituent parts

1. In these papers, you should be able to analyze and break material into constituent parts, determine how the parts relate to one another and to an overall structure or purpose through differentiating, organizing, and attributing. They should show your ability to take concepts apart, break them down, analyze structure, recognize assumptions and poor logic, evaluate relevancy
2. These papers should show that you are able to evaluate and make judgments based on criteria and standards through checking and critiquing. Set standards, judge using standards, evidence, rubrics, accept or reject on basis of criteria.
3. Finally, these papers should show that you’re able to create and put elements together to form a coherent or functional whole; reorganizing elements into a new pattern or structure through generating, planning, or producing. Put things together; bring together various parts; write theme, present speech, plan experiment, put information together in a new & creative way. If there’s anything else needed…please let me know. 



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Japanese Literature

Autobiography of Fukuzawa Yukichi

The article explores the life and contributions of a Japan’s preeminent interpreter of enlightenment and civilization, Fukuzawa Yukichi. Yukichi lived between 1843 and 1901. His purpose in life entailed enlightening the society about institutions, values, and lifestyles of the modern West, which Japanese strove to embrace and understand in the early periods of the Meiji era (Kiyooka and Carmen 6). The main question for discussion raised by the autobiography is whether the civilization’s activities advocated by Yukichi have born fruits.  

Fukuzawa Yukichi’s encouragement of learning

The article explores the 17 works of Gakumon no Susume, “an encouragement of learning,” published by Fukuzawa Yukichi between 1872 and 1876. In these texts, Yukichi outlined the significance of understanding the “equality of opportunity” principle. As an avid education activist, Yukichi believed in a strong mental foundation via education and studiousness. In the Gakumon no Susume volumes, he emphasized his most lasting philosophy, “national independence via personal independence” (Dilworth and Umeyo 15). The article relates to Fukazawa’s main objective of enhancing civilization as demonstrated his autobiography. Nonetheless, the article raises the question of discussion regarding whether education is the only way to a better life.

Fukuzawa Yukichi: Katawa Musume In this article, Fukuzawa developed a story about Katawa Musume or the deformed girl. The lady was born without eyebrows and with black teeth. When the neighbors noticed it, they started spreading rumors, thereby making the girl’s parent very disappointed. Eventually, everyone accepted the girl as a normal human being. In fact, when she got married she resembled the other housewives who used to shave their eyebrows and wore black-teeth to acquire temporary beauty. The only difference was that she did not spend time and money to enhance her appearance (Fukuzawa). Yukichi used this narrative to demonstrate…


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