Epicurus’ views on the good life unfortunately was misinterpreted in history as being the view of hedonism

Epicurus’ views on the good life unfortunately was misinterpreted in history as being the view of hedonism, that pleasure is the greatest or even only good, and that the best life one can lead or have is one that has the most pleasure and the least pain or suffering. The more pleasure, the better.
Jeremy Bentham argued for this in the 19th century as well, in promoting utilitarianism by which he meant that those acts are right which bring about the greatest happiness/pleasure for the greatest number of people. The view is that people should pursue pleasure and avoid suffering. If that is true, then what about the following parenting advice for parents who want their children to have the best life: raise your child to enjoy the simplest pleasures such as watching TV and drinking beer or playing video games while high on legal marijuana in Colorado. Help them be able to gain the skills to do simple menial work that pays enough for them to have a couch and TV or tablet and all the beer or weed they want. That way, they will be happy throughout their lives and be living the best lives they can. Also, you need to make sure they don’t become sensitive to other people’s sorrows or suffering and that they don’t make friends, because friends often disappoint or, worse, friends die or have other troubles and make you sad with grief, which is a form of suffering.
Would this be good parenting or not? Why or why not? 



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Raising children to enjoy the simplest pleasures and encouraging them to be antisocial is definitely a bad parenting approach. When children are raised in ways that make them lazy, irresponsible, and insensitive, a line is crossed, and the results are likely to be undesirable. Good parenting must observe a number of things.

First, recommendable parenting assists foster honesty, empathy, self-control, self-reliance, kindness, cheerfulness, and cooperation (Gross-Loh 97). It also promotes motivation, intellectual curiosity, as well as the desire to achieve. Good parenting protects kids from developing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, anti-social conduct, drug, and substance abuse (Gross-Loh 74).

Second, developing a good parent-children relationship does not imply allowing children to do as they wish. Research indicates that, during their formative years, children suffer from lack of experience in life and poor judgment (Gross-Loh 157). The phenomenon exposes children to numerous risks. Parents are the only one who can save their children from the undesirable consequences. Therefore, parental guidance becomes critical and the only solution that can assist children to overcome (Gross-Loh 205). Parents must take up the challenge and explain to their children the true meaning of life. Children must be taught moral values and the acceptable standards of behavior. Moreover, good parenting is all about spoiling children with love. There is nothing wrong with the parental love between parents and their children. However, parents must distinguish between love and giving things instead of love. As such, things like lowered expectations, leniency, and material possessions do not constitute parental love (Gross-Loh 218). Loving children means showing them the best way and reminding them that they are social beings who must interact with and help others where necessary. Being involved in the children’s life is an obligation bestowed on every parent. A good parent…


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