You will select four (4) of the following terms or concepts.

You will select four (4) of the following terms or concepts. You will read and research three scholarly sources and then identify, discuss and place each concept in proper context. After you have identified each concept you will then explain ways each concept can be applied to your own life with examples.

Please select four of the following concepts or theories.


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1. Social changes in life-span development
2. Memory
3. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement and punishment
4. Issues related to gender and sexuality
5. Motivation and emotion
6. Personality
7. Health psychology, stress and coping strategies
8.Psychological Disorders and other Mental Health Issues
9. Concepts of interpersonal relationships


Gender and Sexuality In the contemporary world, many societies across the globe have been experiencing social changes on a large scale concerning issues of gender and sexuality. For instance, despite some nations intensifying their homophobic laws and attitudes, the worldwide trend has always been geared towards an increase in the legal rights of lesbians, gay and bisexual individuals (Frenk & McCormack, 2016). Transgender concerns have…


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