Write a 1,000 word paper in which you review public policy and how it affects employment.

Write a 1,000 word paper in which you review public policy and how it affects employment. Address the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Nurse Deb was due for her annual flu vaccination as mandated by her hospital’s policy. Nurse Deb is a big supporter of the antivaccination movement and refused to obtain her annual flu vaccination. Upon notice that nurse Deb did not obtain the vaccination, the nurse manager fired Nurse Deb. Nurse Deb has decide to file a wrongful termination suit.


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As the director of nursing, how would you handle this situation?

The case study highlights a scenario where Nurse Deb strongly believes in an anti-vaccination perception. Most state laws and specifically, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 anticipated such scenarios where employees may be discriminated for several reasons, including religion. I presume that Nurse Deb belongs to a religion that is against vaccination. Therefore, Title VII of the Civil…

What evidence does Nurse Deb have that could help her win the case?

Different movements and religious institutions may be opposed to some medical interventions, which forms the basis for Nurse Deb’s position. The annual mandatory flu vaccination would be considered contradictory to the beliefs held by the employee. The firing of the employee risks violating….

What law protects the hospital’s mandated vaccination procedures?

The statistics related to mortality and morbidity associated with influenza has been a cause of concern for policymakers. The annual cases of illnesses associated with flue range between 9.2 and 35.6 million…

How concerned should the hospital be if the lawsuit is a success?

Scenario 2: Joe Gomez worked as a plant operations specialist at Premier Hospital. While Joe’s manager was working on the HVAC system that protects patients from harmful viruses and bacteria, he noticed that he was not using OSHA-approved filters. Joe felt that it was important to report this to the compliance officer. The day following his report, Joe was fired by his manager.

As the CEO of Premier Hospital, how would you handle the situation?

How concerned should you be about the termination of Joe?

What legal principles are involved?

If Joe was a member of the local employee services union, does this make the termination different?


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