While filling out “how I like to be treated” doc, reading Hall & Hall (1995) and watching the Ted Talk “What’s culture”:

  • – Check your own preferences, adding others if desired
  • – Make notes on your typical reactions to not being treated as desired
  • – Based on Hall & Hall (1995) and the Ted Talk “What’s culture”, post your thoughts on the questions below about how culture influences individual preferences
  • – Think about consequences for individuals and work relationships when individuals do not give/get desired treatment

Questions to answer when posting your responses

  • – What percentage of the items you did NOT check?
  • – For the items you checked, how/why do you think you acquired such preferences?
  • – What effect do you think culture – whether organizational culture or national culture – has on how people are treated? On how they want to be treated?
  • – What happens if you don’t get treated as you prefer? How do you feel? How do you react?
  • – What do your responses above tell you about dealing with and managing diverse individuals
  • Link to Ted Talk:

After you finish the assignment and send it to me, I will send you the other person’s disscusion post for you to respond.


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Please respond to student:

While looking at the document I really liked each bullet point and realized that there wasn’t one that I didn’t check. I thought that all of the bullet points were something that i agreed with, from being equal to my boss to being told from my boss if I am doing something right or wrong. Throughout my whole job life, I have always felt that I have been at the same level of my boss so we could have personal talks but also time to joke around as well. I also think that if someone thinks I’m wrong about something or they don’t agree with it then they should be able to let me know with no repercussions to our friendship. I think that everyone should be able to have their own freedom and say what is on their mind at any given time. Culture has a huge impact on how people are treated, because you grow up in one culture and only learnt hat way of life. Many people are only exposed to one way of life and do not have enough experience to see other cultures. Whenever I am treated in a bad way or way that I don’t agree with, it is saddening because you just wonder why that person wasn’t raised right or have enough knowledge to know what they are doing is wrong. Treating people with kindness and respect should be a part of everyone life no matter their culture, skin color, and or gender. I think after going over the document and watching the Ted Talk is showed me that there is a good and bad way to deal with people from different cultures and to accept those people no matter what their situation is because you could be in their shoes one day and would want someone to help you out. 


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