Identify a project of interest to you. | Assignment

Project Charter

Identify a project of interest to you. Make sure the project is not too small nor too big. A great example of a project may be purchasing a home, implementing a software/hardware upgrade, starting a business or changing from a manual process to an automated process.

(If you are not sure your project meets the criteria please reach out to your instructor for approval via email)

You are to create a project charter for your current project choice.  Since you do not have a business case, be sure to elaborate as much as possible when creating the project charter. 1-2 sentence answers do not provide enough detail so be sure to elaborate.

Project Charter: include the project title, date authorized, PM’s information, high-level schedule (start and end dates), estimated budget, objectives, business justification, planning approach, roles/responsibilities and a sign-off area.

Be sure to state the scope of the project, including what is in and out of scope.


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