What role does marketing play in the overall strategic planning process

What role does marketing play in the overall strategic planning process? In your post, discuss a company that you think has mastered the marketing process and also mention a company that you think needs much improvement in marketing products or services. How do you think that social media has changed marketing concepts over the past five years for these companies?



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Every business organization (successful businesses for that matter) depends on the marketing strategies and plans it seeks to implement. Strategic marketing defines the manner in which an organization wishes to stand out from the rest by utilizing both its existing and potential strengths. Marketing help investors execute a marketing philosophy, guide production and operations, and help identify and analyze trends in the marketing environment. These activities play a critical role in strategic decision-making. The main role of marketing, therefore, is to ensure that an organization is able to respond to three most important questions, which are how to fix the price, which product to invest in, the place as well as the promotion strategies. By doing so, the organization will be in a position to come up with products that adhere to the needs of the xxx and hence xxx sales. It is also the best way of xxx price discrimination xxx in order to xxx the economic xxx of different xxx of the companies that I believe xxx mastered xxx of marketing process is xxx to its systematic expansion strategy and xxx process that has xxx its international platform. The xxx a wide range of products especially those that customers need. The xxx embraces the xxx the 4Ps as a way of xxx its marketing xxx. Gillette, on the other hand, is an xxx that needs to improve on the xxx strategies owing to the xxx complaints regarding…


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