•What role does human behavior play in the theft?

Assignment Instructions

Instructions: Write a 5-8 page paper (this total includes the Title Page and the Reference Page) which address the following:


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•What role does human behavior play in the theft?

Commonly, stealing begins at a tender age. As a child, one’s cognition is usually not very well developed to differentiate between right and wrong (Gash, 2016). Therefore, a child may pick up something, without considering that it might be wrong. For this reason, psychologists suggest that to prevent this behavior from becoming a part of a child as they grow up, they must make it clear to the children that stealing…

•Highlight a minimum of four theories on why people begin to steal

•Discuss the “theft triangle” and the psychology behind it.

Your paper should be in formal academic writing with proper grammar, punctuation, and complete sentence structures. Do not write the questions in your paper. It must follow the APA Style, and include an APA style Title and Reference Page with at least three references, including this weeks reading material.


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