Week 4 Paper: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Identify an organization and develop an organizational chart listing all the key leaders. List their roles as well as discuss how their responsibilities tie to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Please feel free to use your company. However, if that information is not available, please conduct a search and select a company that provides the information. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about how to proceed.



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Amazon is a leading global online retailer that publishes electronic book readers and provides web services. The company majors in retailing and selling e-books, movies and music, electronics, toys, and other merchandises. Amazon offers various web services such as cloud computing through the internet, renting data storage, and computing resources. The company’s promotion in “kindle e-book readers” has led to its significant development in electronic book publishing and has also turned the company into a significant competitor in the e-book publication market. The company’s success has been acknowledged due to its resilient management led by Jeff Bezos, who is the current Chief Executive Officer…


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