Union Grievances and Public-Sector Unions

1. Given the complexity of modern arbitration proceedings, do you think that professional legal representation for both unions and employers should be required? Why or why not?

The current arbitration proceedings have become complex making legal representation for both parties necessary as well as beneficial for the parties that are involved. Having legal representation is a proper way of making sure that procedures that are likely to be costly are properly streamlined. It also saves on time and at the same time allow the parties involved to maintain the desire to end the impasse…


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2. Do you agree with the current prohibition of strikes for all public-sector employees? Should the government relax these rules and allow for worker strikes in certain non-essential occupations? Explain your answer.

I don’t agree with the government prohibiting strikes in the public sector. By so doing, the xxx will be denying the employees their opportunity to xxx across grievances as xxx in the labor xxx. In any case, the xxx of the strikes may far outweigh the costs/ negative impacts that they may cause. xxx help solve some concerns such as xxx working conditions, improved salaries, xxx…


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