There is power in having data to support change. The EBP process is one way of advancing improvements in healthcare. Identify three strategies that you will now incorporate into your practice based on this course. Explain your rationale.

Evidence based practice is the common standard for nursing practice where the nurses appraise the available data to determine its worth or otherwise before utilizing it to inform practice (Farokhzadian & Poorchangizi, 2017). However, having the data in itself is not enough as there are challenges to the successful execution of EBP. To include EBP into the clinical setting requires a number of strategies. It is essential that the execution of the EBP is xxx rushed to xxx positive outcomes are realized. A slowed xxx of implementing xxx process will xxx the nurses sufficient xxx to xxx the essentials of EBP xxx continuing xxx their xxx (Williams & Brown, 2015). The healthcare xxx must also xxx the entire EBP xxx before seeking xxx implement it xxx the xxx care facilities. The providers xxx this by creating an environment and a training program that supports the overall goals of EBP by xxx clubs that discuss EBP xxx. EBP also emphasizes xxx the significance of interprofessional collaborations, which xxx an essential xxx that may be employed during the implementation of the practice.


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